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General Discussion Questions

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 General Discussion Questions

  1. Setting/location:
    1. Was it interesting/unique?
    2. Did it add to the story?
    3. Did you relate to it?
    4. Were there things you learned about it?
  2. Theme:
    1. Was there a message?
    2. Was it obvious or were there underlying messages?
    3. Was the theme universal?
  3. Characters:
    1. Were they believable?
    2. Did you like them?
    3. Did they grow or change through the story?
    4. Did they do what you expected of them?
  4. You:
    1. Did you relate personally to the situations?
    2. Did you relate personally to the characters?
    3. Did you discover anything about yourself or your beliefs after reading this book?
    4. Did you change any opinions you previously held after reading this book?
    5. Did any new interests come from this book?
    6. Did you learn anything new?
    7. Were there parts of the story that were uncomfortable to you?
  5. Rating:
    1. How did you rate this selection?
    2. Was it fun, sad, scary, etc.?
    3. Would you recommend it?



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