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Tips on Forming a Club

General Discussion Questions

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 Tips on Forming a Club

Wow, wouldn't it be fun to get together periodically and talk "books"?
Once you decide you'd like to meet with other readers you have to find out who else might be interested in joining a group. Set the features of your club by asking yourself these questions:

Where would we meet?

  • Library
  • Bookstore
  • Our homes

    How often would we meet?

  • Monthly
  • Flexible, based on book size and individual schedules
  • Set day of the month (not everyone makes every meeting, but you can count on schedule ahead of time)

    How many members would be in the group?

  • Small, 5 -8 members
  • Medium, 9-15
  • Large, over 15

    What type of books will we read?

  • Specific genre (non-fiction, mystery, science fiction)
  • Whatever is chosen, flexible
  • Rotate, plan at least 1 non-fiction, 1 classic per year

    Who chooses the book selection?

  • Next selection chosen by host of the meeting
  • Host presents a few choices to the group to decide on
  • Match up with Oprah's or another club

    Would we have refreshments?

  • Just drinks
  • Snacks
  • Dinner
  • Dinners in conjunction with time or place of our book selection


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