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January 2011 Newsletter

Happy 2011 to all my Fellow Readers!

Today was a big day for Oprah. Yes, OWN was launched and no doubt millions tuned in. I was among them. With absolutely no authority after only one episode of one program, I am still skeptical that there will be something there for me. Now, I haven't seen the whole line-up, so I will withhold a final judgment. But it did get me to thinking...

What would I schedule if I had my own network? I see myself as a multi-faceted personality, so there would be quite a variety, which in turn would offer a little something to please everyone. Probably just like Ms Winfrey.

This thought path brought to mind a memory of a book my kids had back in the day when they were young. I did a search but couldn't identify it. It was a fun book. Discovered during the same time we all enjoyed Shel Silverstein, this book was also a favorite. I thought it was titled "If I Ruled The World", hmmm, must be mistaken. There will be a follow-up stroll down memory lane with the kids later, who have a much keener memory than I.

What I did find was another book that caught my interest. If Women Ruled the World: How to Create the World We Want to Live In by Sheila Ellison. This book is platform for women to voice their opinions, priorities, hopes, and ideas for change. It includes short experiences, stories, thoughts, and meditations. These have been submitted by women around the world. Authors, celebrities, experts, and politicians are included, along with soccer moms and teenage girls The review says the result is humorous, moving, questioning, opinionated, warm, and informative, and examines what women would choose if they had a chance to participate in ruling the world.

A couple of the chapters were titled: Peace Would Begin with Me (Louise Diamond), Self Respect Classes Would be Part of Our High School Curriculum (Janel Marie Healy), and We Would Cherish the Old as Well as the Young, (Joyce Davidson). The last one I'm not so confident about based on enhancement surgeries in this country, anyway. But it sounds like a great book for my group to take on. Surely some interesting conversations would be sparked.

What changes would I make if I ruled the world, what message would I send if I had a network?

I'm sure I would include some very serious and thought-provoking topics, but somewhere in there would be a chapter called: Rice Krispie Treats Truly Are a Breakfast Food.

That's if I ruled the world!

Happy Reading and New Experiences in the New Year!


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