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November 2010 Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Readers and Happy November,

Watching the hummingbirds around a yellow flowered bush through my kitchen window while I'm busy in the kitchen... sampling the homemade frosting from the bowl after icing a cake... circling a fire pit with friends and warming my hands... ahhh, sweet moments in life!

Sometimes while I'm driving I struggle to keep my eyes on the road because the clouds are playing with the mountains and weaving in and out between them in a way that mesmerizes me. When it rains I just want to stop everything and listen.

I want to keep every moment of joy I find in the everyday ordinary things forever in my mind. Hold them there to pull out whenever life stuff gets you down. You know the saying about how the moments that take your breath away are what matters in life.

I was talking to a loved one the other day who is about to go through an unpleasant medical procedure. We talked about capturing the moments she spends with her daughter and mentally replaying them to help put her mind in another place.

Just think of all the moments of wonder and joy you've had. The smile of a loved one, a snuggle with a baby, a dog's glee when you come through the door. I want to think of each of those moments as a dandelion seed, or a cotton ball, and glue them to me. Then as they multiplied I would be round and full and cushioned from those outside forces like disease and illness and disappointment. Oh, they will certainly come flying at me but sink, sink, in the fluff of the moments, and their impact softened and eased.

So maybe a Moments Journal is what I'll start. So I can recall the many, many beautiful, brief moments that define my life and remind myself of what is important to me.

That first taste of coffee in the morning... finding just the right earrings... a good book...

Happy Reading,


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