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October 2010 Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Readers and Happy October,

The days are getting shorter and fall is sneaking its way in, even here in the desert. I always get a little homesick at this time of year. Since I spent my youth in the midwest, I long for the smell of the drying leaves blowing on the grass, and the colors that paint the yards and fields. I get especially nostalgic for my family and friends who were part of my life, and realize how much you take that for granted as a child. I was extremely lucky to have the comfort and security of a childhood encircled by an extended family.

How different my situation is today. My husband and I have 4 siblings between us. No one lives in the same state as we do...or each other. Our family is spread from coast to coast, and now even beyond the mainland of the US!

A recent family celebration brought with it an underlying touch of sadness, as I was reminded of how isolated our lives are, and how wonderful it is to spend even a short time together to reconnect. The amazing thing is how smoothly we slip into the comfort of unconditional love and acceptance.

So as we head towards those chilly nights I know I will appreciate every cozy moment I share with the family I have close by and cherish each moment.

Then I'll make plans for the next family visit...east or west???

Happy Reading,


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