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April 2010 Newsletter

Greetings Readers and Happy April!

Communication today is swift and continuous, Text, twitter, and the ever present cell phones and unending e-mails.

I wonder just how many letters are written today. The Post Office is hurting from the diminishing mail!

But you have to admit, there is something intimate and from the heart in a written letter.

I have some letters my Dad wrote home during WWII alone with his thoughts of home, his wife and baby daughter waiting for him. Heartfelt and sincere, he shared his daily events and hope for his return home.

There are some great books of letters. No matter your political persuasion, you have to recognize the special love affair of the Reagans. One of these days I'm going to curl up and read I Love You, Ronnie: The Letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan

They were deeply in love and totally committed to one another. Many of the letters were actually scanned from the original copies so you get a real taste of the time and the personality of Ronald Reagan. The letterhead is often from various places and penned in his own handwriting. A sweet note is that the proceeds from this book benefit the Alzeimers Foundation.

A totally different personality is portrayed in Love, Janis by letters from Janis Joplin to her family compiled by her sister, Laura. I saw the play based on the book which was filled with her music and interspersed with excerpts from her letters. It shows the real person behind the legendary star.

Another one on my to-read list is Things I Want My Daughter to Know by Elizabeth Noble. This one is a novel, though. It's about a 60 yr old woman who is diagnosed with cancer and then writes letters to her four daughters. Much more than quick notes from a dying parent, they are gifts, beautifully presented in boxes, dressed with organza ribbons, a wax seal or sprigs of lavender.

There are usually real gifts in the boxes, too - a dress she loved, a piece of jewelry, diamond stud earrings to celebrate a 16th birthday.

Each letter or gift contains a lesson from life she wants her girls to know. It sounds like it would be a very emotional read!

Holly R. Corcoran has a novel idea, she is Author/Compiler of Dear Women: Inspirational Letters from Women to Women on Life, Love, and Learning

She is asking for real women to send her their letters on topics like change, balance, love, dreams, friends, and many more. Then she'll compile the collection and publish. Here's a chance or you to tell your story, or give your advice for everyone to share!

Happy Reading!

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