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February 2010 Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Readers and Happy February!

The other day while loading my trunk with groceries for the week, I noticed a new large bin down the aisle in the parking lot. I didn't get the exact name of the organization on it as I drove by, but recognized it was a donation drop-off box for books! I've seen lots of clothing donation bins, but this was a first.

I haven't been able to identify who had set this up from searching on-line, but while I was in and out of possibilities, I discovered one worth mentioning; Got Books? is the company, gotbooks.com is their site. It is a for-profit company that partners with local charities to serve as a source of fundraising. Books are collected in drop-off boxes located throughout the community.

Got Books has a mission: finding new uses for your used books! They are dedicated to re-circulating books, CDs, DVDs, videos, audio books, and record donations back into the community and getting them into the hands of people who will value them as you once did.

One of the ways they accomplish this goal is through the Books for Troops program, which I think is a fabulous idea! Got Books established the program in 2008 wherein they pledged to send at least 25,000 books overseas to local troop members within the year. The program provides boxes of 50-100 books to each recipient. The books sent are typically small paperbacks which are lighter and easier to carry. Got Books will enclose emails and hand written letters in each package wishing recipients luck during their service and thanking the troops for all that they do for us. Got Books has continued the program and now sends 25,000 books overseas per year.

Got Books has over 350 drop-off book donations containers or collection sites stationed throughout New England. Each of these containers also serves as a fundraising tool for the nonprofit group or organization which hosts it. Each time a container is filled, the group which placed it is paid based on the weight of items collected inside.

Got Books also uses collected books as donations to area schools, libraries, and other groups. They have a program which gets teachers free books for their classrooms and also give away goods to other social causes and nonprofit groups, such as the American Cancer Society. Got Books has also donated 1,000 children's books to the National Cable & Telecommunications Association's "Cable Cares" initiative which is intended to aid the many schools in the New Orleans area that lost their libraries in Hurricane Katrina.

A very interesting business concept aiding worthwhile causes.

So look around those parking lots when you're there. Even if you don't live in the New England area there may be something equivalent where you are!

Share the wealth of books!

Happy (second-hand) Reading!

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