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January 2010 Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Readers and Happy 2010!

I strive to start each day with a positive outlook. That's just me. So when a new year begins, I want to set those goals and search for motivation and inspiration. Sometimes that comes from high profile, successful athletes. And we all know of those who have been held in high esteem, and then fallen from grace. What a letdown! How foolish do we feel then?

You know, I think the lesson we need to learn here is that everyone of us is human. It's extraordinary when someone fulfills all our expectations, both professionally and personally; but really, it is extraordinary. We definitely should seek out people to admire for their strength, determination, skill, and talent, but beware of hoisting them up too high.

Athletes like Michael Jordan have written books to relay their stories of integrity, passion and commitment, as in Driven from Within.

There are many stories of true courage and strength that helped young athletes overcame difficult obstacles to distinguish themselves for their athletic gifts. Learn about the first Cuban Major League Baseball Player, Armando Marsens, who played for the Cincinnati Reds in 1911 as you read about the early development of baseball.

In your day to day interactions look for the best in everyone and you'll find something to admire in most. But keep in mind the humans we all are!

Happy New Year to my Fellow Readers!

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