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November 2009 Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Readers and Happy November!

I love living in the sunny, warm Southwest. But there is one thing I miss terribly from my childhood in the Midwest. FALL! So when my sister suggested a weekend in Washington in October I instantly agreed. It was a magical vision of color and rain and tall, tall trees. I loved it!

The trade off of wandering from home is the travel. For this trip I packed a carry-on and even with a connecting flight all was smooth and easy. Coming home was a bit more of a challenge, since a wrenched knee forced me to get around only in a wheelchair. In my case this was a temporary situation, but it sure was a different experience.

Added to the dependency on others to move me around was the packed Denver airport due to delayed and cancelled flights, a blizzard of snow, and the new experience of de-icing the plane, and a long, long time on the runway waiting in line for take-off. Well, these are the things that happen. Fortunately I did not have children to entertain, and I did have "Olive Kitteridge" to keep me company. Being well prepared for your travels will make it as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

With the additional charge to check baggage now, you might save that $20 and carry on all you need with some tips from The Packing Book: Secrets of the Carry-on Traveler by Judith Gifford. She provides plenty of checklists so you won't forget the essentials, gives detailed and illustrated instructions on just how to pack items such as skirts, jackets, and slacks to minimize wrinkling and maximize space.

Another source of helpful tips is Surviving the airport hubs: if your business travels take you through one of the world's airport hubs, here's how you can make it a less stressful experience. This is a 269 word digital article by Geraldine McManus from NZ Business. You can get this in an HTML format and view it on your web browser.

If you are a Kindle user, you can download Travel Tips for the Impatient Traveler: a Guide to Easy Business and Leisure Travel by Jen Larsen. (There's a paperback version too.) She provides thirty-eight tips, a long list of websites, and other tools and vocabulary that any businessperson or weekend adventurer who travels more than twice a year should know-plus a list of over forty things one can do to pass the time on a long flight. The author also provides a few lighthearted anecdotes on how to handle layovers, pesky in-flight neighbors, and where to find the free snacks.

And for traveling families, Travel with Children by Brigitte Barta has a team of parent-authors who give ideas and advice about every aspect of traveling with your kids, from planning to packing to getting along on the road - and what to do when things go wrong.

Those jaunts to new or loved locations far from home are well worth the challenge of traveling!

Happy Reading,

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