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September 2009 Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Readers and Happy September,

This month's message to you is extra special for me. That's because it concerns a dear friend of mine. We have been friends for about 20 years, and although our lives intersect only now and then, it's like picking up a book you're reading bit by bit. We might have to back track a chapter or two to catch up, but we're right back in the middle of it wherever we are when we're together.

So while I was preoccupied with my own family and 9-5 job, Marge has been working with the Owl and the Panther, an organization with the Hopi Foundation to help support refugees and victims of torture. As a writer, she works with young people to express their thoughts and feelings through writing. Marge has authored several children's books: My Grandma's the Mayor, Too Nice, and I Don't Have an Uncle Phil Anymore. And now, this year, her first young adult novel has been released!

Naturally, I was anxious to read it and when I did I was overjoyed. Journey of Dreams is the story of young Tomasa, a 13 year old girl living in Guatemela in 1984. Her perspective of the political events affecting her village and then her family let you experience the confusion of a young girl caught in the middle of it. We see her world and hear her thoughts convincingly as a confused, frightened girl, faced with changes she doesn't wholly comprehend. Take the journey with Tomasa. Share this insightful, engrossing story with young adults in your life. Spread the message of how we are all alike in our basic feelings. In December, Journey of Dreams will receive the 2009 Judy Goddard Award for young adult literature. I am thrilled for my friend's success and I am so happy she shared Tomasa's world with me and so many others!

Happy Reading,

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