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August 2009 Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Readers and Happy August,

I saw a story on the local news the other day about an organization called Sun Sounds. It is a radio broadcast that provides 24 hr service to people who cannot read print. Anyone who cannot read print because of a medical disability can sign-up for this free service. A program schedule is provided to help listeners tune in at the right time for the daily newspaper such as the Wall Street Journal, Arizona Regional papers, or USA Today. Other print information read aloud is from local grocery or department stores and best-seller books. The on-air voices are all those of volunteers. The readings are carried on the radio, Internet and even telephone. A sample day's programming I viewed included Mystery Short Stories, Women's Magazines, Children's Stories, weekly ads from Electronic/Appliance stores as well as local and national newspaper articles. What a fabulous organization! Although this one is based in Arizona, I expect there are others available in other areas.

While for many there is no alternative, for anyone the experience of reading aloud and hearing tales told in voice, really does hold a unique joy. It can be love poems to a lover, stories to a child or a novel spread out over time, a ritual of sharing with someone. Cuddling in a chair with my daughter reading storybooks is by far one of my favorite memories. We eventually graduated to chapter books by the pool on Sunday afternoons. Spending time reading to elderly adults can be just as enriching and enjoyable. Here are a few suggestions for creating special moments:

The Sunshine on My Face: A Read-Aloud Book for Memory-Challenged Adults

This innovative Two-Lap BookTM combines colorful illustrations with easy-to-read text that describes universally appealing experiences: feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, listening to music, watching children play, going for a ride in the countryside. These scenes provide the opportunity to discuss and remember happy times and comforting experiences.

Read-Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young

There are over 200 poems about picnics, pretending, and puppies. Some old traditional favorites, some humorous delights! Try this book to inspire a lifetime love of the lilting tones of favorite poets.

Hey! Listen to This: Stories to Read Aloud

A collection of fifty selections from well-loved tales as Bambi, Charlotte's Web, Where the Red Fern Grows and James and the Giant Peach. Selected for primary grades some are complete stories, others are chapters from novels.

Happy Reading,

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