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May 2009 Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Readers and Happy June to you!

Well, last month I shared with you how I began choosing books from the library as a teenager. I was drawn to the well-worn covers, identifying the much read and obviously loved stories. But oh, how times change things!

Recently my husband had a birthday. Now, he's the kind of guy who usually gets what he needs and doesn't want much. Books are a common gift item as he is a reader, too. This year I gave him a gift to satisfy the reader and the gadget lover that he is. A Kindle. He is one happy guy! This wireless device lets him download books in 60 seconds, and it holds up to 1500 books. They're all there at your fingertips in this tiny thing only 1/3 in thick. It's great for him since he might be reading several books at a time, and has them all with him in one spot. Naturally, he was anxious to purchase that first book to try it out.

He chose "How We Decide" , a fascinating description about how research in neuroscience and behavioral economics has revolutionized our understanding of human decision-making. It's full of case studies of how airline pilots, quarterbacks and poker players make split second choices. This happens to be one of the few books we both have an interest in. Mostly we have different selections on our nightstands.

The drawback here is that he can't pass the books on the Kindle around. He can't share with a co-worker, or hand it over to me when he's finished, because it's all electronic and stored in the device.

As technology advances, the look and feel of books are changing along with it. So where will the worn covers be to tell us it's a great story, read over and over again? As I said, my husband is thrilled with his Kindle and there are lots of advantages of having one. But I guess I'm just not there, yet. I'll take the musty smelling hard cover someone stored in their basement, unable to part with it, keeping it around to remind them of the memories inside.

Happy Reading!

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