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February 2009 Newsletter

Greetings Readers and Happy February!

February means romance to many people. That's when Valentine's Day is celebrated and love is all around us. For me, it has even more significance because it's the month I was married and after many, many years, my husband and I still set aside time to reflect on our continuing, special love.

The very first love story I remember following in a novel was in "Gone With the Wind." I have the distinct memory of reading that in freshman biology class and trying my hardest to hold back the tears. Was I supposed to be reading a novel in that class, hiding it behind the Intro to Biology textbook? That part I don't remember! But the introduction to love and all the contradictory feelings that accompany it was well learned, and countless love stories have overflowed the pages and filled my heart over the years since then.

Beyond all the mushy couple's stories lie a variety of tales chronicling deep feelings of love. We all know the impact "Marley and Me" has recently had on so many. And is anyone familiar with "Love you Forever" , a children's book? I'm tearing up recalling the illustrations now!

Undoubtedly, poetry shines as the language that carries the melody and rhythm of emotion to strike our hearts so pointedly. Even grade school students start with "Roses are Red..."

So for all you lovers of husbands, wives or lovers, children and parents, friends and pets and community... nurture the love in your life. Cherish every moment and memory.

Wishing you all a February of Love!

Happy Reading!

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