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November 2008 Newsletter

Greetings Readers, and welcome to the Holiday Season!

Here we are already on the brink of the Holidays. There is a swell of activity starting to buzz around us. Soon the familiar sights and sounds will surround us. And oh, those smells! Roasting turkey, hot steaming chocolate, warm from-the-oven cookies... OK, it's not really all Norman Rockwell. What we all can do, no matter our personal circumstances, is cherish each moment we share and each memory we hold dear. So often this is the time friend and family relationships are renewed. It may be that once a year visits with nieces, nephews and grandchildren. It can be tough to connect! But what do we know is the greatest gift we can give? Our time and attention. Take along a book to read and share. These are surely tough economic times, and a book has value above and beyond the dollars spent. Create that memory to pull back year after year as traditions are created. If there are no little ones in your life at the moment, browse the shelves anyway and enjoy the magic in the stories you find. Pick one up to donate, someone will be thankful for it!

Here are a just a few favorites: (Click on the title for more information.)

The Polar Express
I love this story, and can barely finish it without a lump in my throat and tear in my eye. It was awarded the prestigious Caldecott Medal in 1986. Now, there is a special 20th anniversary edition. There is also a gift set complete with the boxed bell, and an audio version read by Liam Neeson.

The Night Before Christmas
This never gets old! The pop-up version will grab their imagination, and surprise and amaze them with every turn of the page.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
Watch the Grinch's face, as he gets meaner and meaner, until finally, he transforms to a tender heart as he learns the real meaning of Christmas.

The Sweet Smell of Christmas
For the very young, the smells of the season are discovered on the pages of this book.

The Story of Christmas
Of course, the many, many wonderfully illustrated books that beautifully tell the story of the Baby Jesus.

Reading a book together can do more than share a story. It offers an opportunity to talk and learn about each other, sharing thoughts and feelings.

Share a book with a child, or give the gift of imagination, and experience the warmth of the season!

Happy Reading!


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