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April 2008 Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Readers,
I would have to imagine that almost every one of us reads something every day. Right now, that's exactly what you're doing! It may start with the morning newspaper and then turn to work related information and documents. What about e-mails and snail mail, too! Those are just a normal part of everyone's day. Then there's the personal reading for pleasure, for an interest, for guidance and inspiration.

How do you choose your next book selection? Recommendations from friends? Well there are some magazines you can pick up to get a peak at the ocean of material out there! One that I recently discovered is "Bookmarks" . Published bi-monthly, it has some interesting reading in itself. Aside from its feature articles with or about authors, one section (What One Book) focuses on a specific topic and explores the books pertaining to all aspects and perspectives on that topic. You can also find mini-reviews of new books in various categories, including science, history, poetry and the arts. I really enjoy their look back in The Year in Books where they present the books that were published in a past year. (Did you know "The Man With the Golden Arm" won the National Book Award for fiction in 1950? I remember the movie with Frank Sinatra!) My very favorite article is their Book Group Profile. That's where a group is interviewed and gets to share their group dynamics and what books they're reading. It's nice to know what people are enjoying as a group and what is stimulating lively discussion. I'd love to see some of you post that here on the Readers to Readers page, too!

Another bi-monthly publication is "Utne" , offering book reviews and articles. An interesting section is their Gleanings; Wisdom and Whimsey from All Over, which are some great articles reprinted from other periodicals.

"Publisher's Weekly" , as the name states, comes out every week and includes business information on books in addition to reviews.

So now I have a lot more great ideas for future book selections. "The Elephanta Suite: Three novellas" by Paul Theroux, which I read about in their review section of Bookmarks, and "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" , by Mark Haddon, recommended by the Bookmarks featured book group. In fact, I'm going to add them to the growing list on my club's info page right here on Where Do You Read so I don't forget them.

Happy Reading!



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