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December 2007 Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Readers!

Welcome to Where Do You Read? Hopefully, you will become a regular visitor. Here you have a chance to visit with other lovers of books like yourself, or just come to browse and see what there is to offer in book news, reader's opinions and experiences.

There is no cost to become a member. Keep a personal journal or be a part of a group, and record the books you've read and remember the ones you've loved.

I have long been a reader, going through phases of feast and famine. But the past few years (could it be 9?) have been the best, because I have been a part of a book club. There are many reasons why it has been so wonderful. For one thing, my friend's choices have prompted me to read books I would not have chosen myself. This has made me stretch to explore and learn about people, places and times far beyond myself. Naturally, not all the books became favorites, but many more times than not, I've been pleasantly surprised! And, of course, there's always next month!! Aside from that, there's also the cookies, and wine... and the talk! What a wonderful venue to keep up with old friends and a way to meet and make new ones.

Our group rotates where we meet, and there may be anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks between meetings, depending on the book choice and our schedules. We have very regular attendance and although some members have come and gone, we still have mostly charter members. Some groups read specific genres and some meet over dinners prepared to coordinate with the latest selection, but even if you chose a virtual club or simply share in which books others loved or hated, you can find that bond felt by so many in countless locations who love to read! Finding (or forming) the right group can offer you more joy than you know.

So, get to know us and visit often. Send your suggestions on what you'd like to see. Get a glimpse of my book club right here, as seen on the Where Do You Read? premiere edition calendar, (on January, of course!) Our club selection for this month? "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" by Lisa See. I'll let you know what we think!


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