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Welcome to the new Where Do YOU Read?
Where Do you Read? is a website designed as a free resource for book clubs and readers. You can find other on-line book clubs, but WDyR? offers private book clubs one convenient location to store all their club information, and an easy way to communicate with each other. The WDyR? club is also available as an online forum for book selections that anyone can read, and those joining the WDyR? club can post. "Readers to Readers" offers a place where readers can communicate with other readers, and clubs can share interesting experiences and ideas with other clubs. And membership is totally free!
Author Quote of the Day:
There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root, and it may be that he who bestows the largest amount of time and money on the needy is doing the most by his mode of life to produce that misery which he strives in vain to relieve.
Henry David Thoreau

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